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L'étoile du nord Thierry Marx


« I wanted to rediscover the spirit of the popular and qualitative station buffet and revisit it in a contemporary way. I would like, in particular, for L’Étoile du Nord to be accessible to everyone at the train station, from breakfast to dinner. »

— Thierry Marx


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Thierry Marx

L'étoile du nord par Thierry Marx
After working as a pastry chef, a chocolate maker, and ice cream maker, Thierry Marx made his way through the most prestigious gastronomy houses (Ledoyen, Taillevent, Robuchon…). He received his first Michelin star in 1988.

After receiving many recognitions awarded by his peers and the most well-regarded gastronomic authorities, Thierry Marx has been committed to supporting social causes.

In 2012, he opened at Paris Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s) a free training program in the restaurant trade (Cooking, Bakery, Service) primarily intended for young people without a degree and people in rehabilitation or professional retraining.

Also a street food enthusiast, which he sees as “a powerful driving force for integration in society,” Thierry Marx is a man of complete taste who works to make gastronomy accessible to all.

The team

L'étoile du nord par Thierry Marx
Fabrice Peyrieux : Manager of L’Étoile du Nord

Following a classic training in cooking and service, Fabrice Peyrieux made his mark in prestigious cooking houses such as L’Ambassade d’Auvergne (III), Le Pressoir (XII), and L’Auberge du Coeur Volant (78), before joining the Lagardère group as a restaurant manager. He has worked in different restaurants in this same capacity, including Le Maxim’s in Orly Ouest (1 Michelin star), Le Berkeley (Avenue Matignon), Le Train Bleu (Gare de Lyon), Le Ciel de Paris (Montparnasse Tower), ou L’Atelier Renault (Champs Elysées).

“In the restaurant industry, you have to love making people happy, be a good listener, be available, handle the stress and be in control, be a people person. In short, you have to be at the service of the customers.”

His passion? Meeting winemakers in order to better understand their process and their vision of wine.

Thierry Martin : Executive Chef of L’Étoile du Nord

Executive Chef of L’Étoile du Nord since its opening, Thierry Martin has worked for nearly 10 years with Chef Thierry Marx. He leads a team of 20 people to offer a modern, simple, and seasonal cuisine at an affordable price.

His passion? Cooking, of course, at the center of which are the products he sees as the foundation of his craft. The search for the best products and the ability to complement them in the simplest of ways. « Chef Thierry Marx is above all a defender of French savoir-faire and products: a guideline that’s important in today’s society. I make it a point of honor to respect the product through our work and to be able to speak with transparency to our customers. »

He takes a favorite quote from Chef Thierry Marx as inspiration: « There is no conflict between tradition and innovation ».

Every year, L’Étoile du Nord opens its doors to young apprentices and trainees in order to teach them the foundations of the work, but above all, to pass on the values of promoting French excellence and savoir-faire.

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